In his resting state, Alkeri listened to the conversations between Seth, Oasis, Andre, and whoever the heck they'd brought with them when they showed up at the wave pool. From what he understood the Greek Gods were losing their power because of the lack of belief they were receiving. In order to regain it, they needed to make themselves relevant again. This was their way of doing so.

“So here’s my plan. We hijack a plane, go in full throttle to where ever the Greek goons are coming from, jump off the plane, go in guns blazing, Rambo through their front lines, kick the @ss of their middle lines, and then beat the cr*p out of their big boss. All in favor, say ‘ooh-rah!’”

Seth chuckled. A very...American idea. If he recalled correctly, such tactics were known as "Shock and Awe". Quite effective too, so worth considering.

Alkeri raised his head from his sort of drunken state. The mana recharge was taking a lot out of him, especially since he was awake, but he had enough energy to get in what he wanted to say.

"Hey, no, that's not the way to do things." He rasped, then cleared his throat and continued, "If they're fading then we could probably help them. You guys remember my gods, right? I summoned one of them a while back, so did Amber with her Norse Gods. Personally, my Gods are in good condition because I'm not the only follower of the Egyptian Gods, nor is Amber the only follower of the Norse. Our Gods are still strong. But I don't think I've ever met a Greek follower."

Alkeri stopped leaning on whoever it was he had been leaning on and summoned his cane and crook and put his weight against his cane.

"Whew... Okay, so maybe we can figure out a way to help them out so they stop their stupid rampage?" He asked as he hobbled behind Seth and Oasis. They stopped abruptly so he almost hit them but caught himself.

"Huh? What's..." He leaned and looked over their shoulders.

Seth, who was staring slightly at the highly unusual sight before him (it's not every day you walk in on a basilisk reviving a golem using mouth-to-mouth potion transfer), coughed slightly and nodded. "R-right. Glad you're alive. Though you look a bit worse for the wear."
Keli nodded, holding up her new metal arm. "Yes, well, things have been a bit rough over here. Care to introduce your new friends?"

Kidding, Alkeri's face turned red though and he looked away while Keli and Seth acknowledged each other. Once he assumed that they were done, Alkeri turned his head back toward Keli and waved.

"Hi, Keli, hello, Osaka. Good to see you again. Apparently, the glowing silver lady is a Greek Goddess, I don't know who the other dude is though. Haven't been paying much attention." Alkeri said and rubbed his eyes. They finally came into full focus and stopped blurring into the Duat so he smiled and stood up a bit straighter.

"My strength is returning a little. Sweet, I won't be totally helpless for now. "

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