Cold Logic

Kidding, Alkeri's face turned red though and he looked away while Keli and Seth acknowledged each other. Once he assumed that they were done, Alkeri turned his head back toward Keli and waved.

"Hi, Keli, hello, Osaka. Good to see you again. Apparently, the glowing silver lady is a Greek Goddess, I don't know who the other dude is though. Haven't been paying much attention." Alkeri said and rubbed his eyes. They finally came into full focus and stopped blurring into the Duat so he smiled and stood up a bit straighter.

"My strength is returning a little. Sweet, I won't be totally helpless for now. "

Jack listened calmly and collectively as he kept his blank stoic expression, despite the awkward conversation. He listened for the names of the other characters to make it easier to keep track of who as who. As they continued their randomized conversation Jack took that time to recover his mana as he remained still. He knew the last fight was difficult and they would need everyone to recover before taking on another false god. Then as they mentioned a lack of followers and the hope of not killing them, an idea crossed his mind so he spoke up to the strangers.

Jack: Judging by the mannerism, power level and determination of the false god Apollo we fought I have learned a lot about them. Apollo is desperate to reclaim his former glory and would not hesitate to take from our world, yet at the same time he seems to care for his comrade Selene. He cared to the point of begging Seth to make a contract with her to keep her safe even at the cost of his life. However Oasis managed to capture his remaining form and power in her gadget for now. We can continue to defeat these false gods, but I am sure the cost will be high regardless of our actions or intentions.

Jack then looked at Oasis with his stoic and cold expression.

Jack: Oasis? If possible I would like to talk to Apollo about the possibility of making a contract with him as a familiar with one of us. He would then have an anchor to live in our world but under the contractor's supervision. It would be no different from what Seth and Selene did. If need be I will volunteer to make a contract with Apollo. It may help turn the tide on this battle and help return this city to its proper state and location. What do you all think?

Jack looked around with his stoic expression wondering if his logic would be accepted.


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