Revival (Didn't Intend on Dying)

OOC: So, this died. Dunno what happened, but I've gotten bored of waiting lol. Gonna leave this here.
Alkeri listened to Jack as he talked to Oasis, his eye twitching a little when he referred to them as "False Gods." He let Jack finish talking before butting in because, hey, Alkeri has manners.

"Y'know, that's rude." He straightened up despite his current weakness and looked Jack straight in the face, "Calling them 'False Gods' is an insult not only to them but to me. Their lives are fading, but that doesn't mean they're any less godly than before."

Alkeri took a breath and hunched back over with a long sigh of relief.

"The plan makes sense, that's how a lot of magicians from my branch of magic work. We host Gods in order to learn stronger magic or become more powerful. It's rare though, you have to be born just right for it to work. Blood of Pharaohs, lots of training, blah blah." Alkeri tapped his cane against his foot and continued thinking out loud, "The Greek Gods are more... Proud. I have never met a magician who followed the path of Greek Gods, probably because they'd never allow themselves to be hosted."

Alkeri started thinking about what Jack had said about supervising Apollo. It reminded him that he was still tethered to Set, who was annoying but useful. He couldn't imagine hosting a Greek God, especially since he'd read many of their myths and knew how proud and self centered they were. He doubted they'd take the idea too well.

"You're free to try it though. I think it'd be interesting to witness a Greek God being hosted to a human. I'm curious about Selene too, maybe Titans have different mindsets than Gods."

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