Someone mind lending a hand?



The sword broke away into iron pieces which stuck themselves around Benjamin into a bronze colored breastplate made of metal scales. The remaining portion broke down into ashes before collecting in his hand as mote of intense fire.

He was ready for combat. Pushing through the zombies in a column of fire that emulated from his hand he rushed through the middle of the column to bring down his blade on Alkeri, their weapons meeting with an audible clash.

While impressive, the feat of stopping Benjamin's charge was strenuous, and Alkeri didn't have much strength left after healing Danielle. With a great amount of strain, Alkeri managed to hold him off, but just barely.

"I just wasted so much energy man, why couldn't you have waited a hour or so?" Alkeri complained to himself, using everything he had to push Benjamin away.

"Not now!" He shouted, gritting his teeth from how much his body ached. Pulling power from the Duat was simple, it was everywhere and nearly infinite. However, he drew from his lifeforce to let Danielle get back to doing what she was doing now. That's not as easy as redirecting magic energy.

"I should've been more careful.." Alkeri scolded himself, throwing his staff at Benjamin. The black pole shifted into a large eagle once again, which clawed and pecked at Benjamin so that Alkeri could get back far enough away that hopefully one of the others came to his aid. In his current state, Alkeri stood no chance against the Red Gear's Egyptian Mage.

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