New Eden - Beneath Our Feet | Red Gear - Pressing the Attack

Alistair saw the enlarged Venus flytrap and assumed that Wenzel or one of his allies would remove the plant for him. What he wasn't expecting was for Wenzel to unleash sniper fire at point blank range and rip the thing from the walls and stairs before sending the whole mass into catastrophic demolition.

Wenzel and one of his allies had made it to the opposing side of the hallway. This left the wounded Therez on his back and a nameless Magic Agent behind him. He looked over his shoulder with a detached gaze and processed if he was going to save her or not. Reluctantly he swung his bat towards the wall and produced a barrier of magic strong enough to hold all three of them up.

The barrier immediately began to crack and Alistair grabbed the agent by the collar and jumped, propelling them with an errant strand to be near Wenzel and his ally. Alistair was particularly concerned about her safety after this point and simply tossed her to safety, causing her to land on her friend. Alistair and Therez came to rest a few feet ahead of Wenzel where he looked back at the man, his eyes cold and then proceeded to keep walking.


Benjamin didn't appreciate Alkeri blocking his sword and then proceeding to counter by turning his staff into an eagle. The eagle came to scratch at Benjamin's face but he was on the war path. Raising a torrent of flames he burned the eagle with extreme prejudice and pushed forward to attack Alkeri once again.


The ground beneath Alkeri's feet would become quicksand he would begin to descend into it. It wasn't to kill him, just to slow him down long enough so that Benjamin could kill him with his khopesh and burn his corpse to ashes.

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