First day aboard

Aya walked aboard the ship via the plank that connected it with the dock.
She had heard that the captain of this ship was looking for new crewmembers when she had asked the barkeep of the local drinking hole about possible work. From what the man had said she understood this was a Buccaneers ship, excellent.

Aya would not explore the ship without the captain, that would be very impolite, and first impressions are of course quite important.
She grabbed a sugarcube from the pocket sewed into the right sleeve of her silken red tunic. She popped the cube into her mouth and sucked on it absently whilst looking around.

The sweet taste reminded her of the old cook of the Starlight. She had gone to like the fat man, with his bawdy jokes and his stories.
He had was great at cookeing food, he was best at making sweet desserts and very much appreciated Aya's love for them.
Like most of the crew of the Starlight he was dead now. Gutted by slavers, she had seen his rotting head hanging from the bow of the slavers ship.

She bit through the sugarcube and swallowed its remains. Tugging impatiently at the short dark red cape that covered her shoulders and back she looked around the ship again. "Is anyone here?" She finally shouted when impatience got the best of her.

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