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Summary: I will squeeze every breath from your body if its the last thing I do

Victor Thomas

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Gender: Male

Age: 424

Group: Red Vampyre

Year (If Fledgling)


Gift & Description

Shape shifting= reptile
12ft anaconda (Corpse-like appearance, missing scales white dead eyes)

Physical Appearance

Short black hair, pale skin, red eyes when feeding and green when not, Scars on face and body. Mark :Tribal snake design down both arms and chest.

Personality and History

A sarcastic and cynical warrior with a hint of insanity.

Is a old teacher of the house of night, he was killed in battle in 1872 and was brought back by a resurrection spell by an old red vampyre who than recruited him to train and create more red vampyre for the centuries to come. But being the warrior he was he refused so he was torture for years until he submitted and agreed to train and recruit After the battle in 2004, while he was distracted he killed the old red vampyre and has had his freedom ever since. He holds a grudge towards the school and head priestess, he blames them for his torment since they never found him after he was taken.

He works as a hired mercenary while he plots his revenge towards the school.

Class (If Teacher)

Retired (lol)

Job (If Staff Ex: School nurse)

Was the main teacher for warriors of night

Familiar (Max 1)

a crow with red eyes that he named jocko

Death (If Red 'V' & Red Fledglings)

During battle

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Image of Victor Thomas
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