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Summary: A man devoted to the only family he has left.

Sebastian Harcourt

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Gender: Male

Age: 256

Group: Teacher

Year (If Fledgling)

Vampyre, not fledgling.

Gift & Description

Sebastian is a shapeshifter, and his form is a large black jaguar.

Physical Appearance

Sebastian has black, wavy, shoulder length hair, tan skin, and dark brown, nearly black, eyes. He often wears clothes from the era he was born in instead of the modern era.

Personality and History

Sebastian is a somewhat shy, genial man with an intense hatred, perhaps fear, of being touched by anyone.

Sebastian was born in 1760 to Lord David and Lady Michelle Harcourt. His mother was sickly and his father distant, and when his mother eventually died six year old Sebastian was sent away to live with his uncle, Sir Jesse Harcourt.

Jesse treated Sebastian harshly, denying him food and beating him for the smallest infractions and misdemeanors. Jesse believed that raising Sebastian this way would make a man out of him. In reality, all this did was instill Sebastian with an aversion to touch and severe trust issues.

When Sebastian turned thirteen he was shipped off to Eton, and boarding school became a safe haven for him. Sebastian eventually graduated, and on his way back to his uncle's estate, he was marked. An older vampyre found him and took him under his wing, treating Sebastian like the son he never had.

They toured the world together, before the older vampyre was murdered by a red vampyre. After taking revenge, Sebastian settled down in Spain, eventually siring an illegitimate son with a woman there. He devoted himself to protecting his family, and eventually his descendants, becoming a family secret of sorts, their immortal Grandpa Sebastian.

Wherever his descendants went, he followed, from Spain to Portugal, to France and then back to England. Eventually the Harcourts, now the Jacobsons, moved across the ocean to America. Sebastian found a House of Night near the home of his last descendant and her father, and settled down as a teacher there. Now he splits his time between teaching new Fledglings and spending time with his only remaining family.

Class (If Teacher)

Shapeshifting 101

Job (If Staff Ex: School nurse)


Familiar (Max 1)

A silvery grey Siberian tiger named Maximilian who thinks of Sebastian as a cross between his child and his pet.

Death (If Red 'V' & Red Fledglings)

Not a red vamp.

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Image of Sebastian Harcourt
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