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Summary: Confident and flirting, never showing his more serious side.

Theodore Marriner

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Gender: Male

Age: 17

Group: Red Fledging

Year (If Fledgling)

This is his second year as a fledgling.

Gift & Description

Elemental - He can create fire and control it.

Physical Appearance

He is a little taller than average, blond hair and blue eyes that become red when feeding.
He is quite slim yet muscular, with pale skin.

Personality and History

He is very confident, always joking and never backs down from a fight. He like to cause trouble and is always pretending to have everything under control even when it's clearly not true. He has an sensitive side, but keeps it hidden.

He never wants to talk about his past.

Class (If Teacher)

N/A (is a student)

Job (If Staff Ex: School nurse)

N/A (is a student)

Familiar (Max 1)

Has a cat called Cleo. She is very chubby with a wheat coloured coat. She is trying everything to please Theo and keep him happy.
Loves food and to cuddle up next to Theo.

Death (If Red 'V' & Red Fledglings)

Was killed by an accident and then resurrected.

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Image of Theodore Marriner
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