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Summary: Life is not given, it can end in an instant even for us, so make sure you don't have any regrets.

Isamu Nakamura

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Group: Teacher

Year (If Fledgling)

Vampyre, not fledgling

Gift & Description

Mind Reader- Can read the thoughts of others (when concentrating she can hear the inner consciousness of another) She sometimes uses this ability to read her opponent's movement.

Excellent Swordsmanship: Has developed skills in many different sword styles such as Kendo and Fencing
Expert Martial Artist: As a warrior, she is also skilled in various combat styles.
Supernatural Instincts

She is attuned with ancient magick, though unable to use it, she can feel its presence and use.

Physical Appearance

Isamu is rather small, coming in at 5'4, still she is quite mighty with an athletic like build. She has beautiful brown eyes and glow to her face that's hard to resist that is framed by ebony hay hair.

Personality and History

Isamu is kind, yet highly strict. She is intolerant of bullying and unnecessary violence, believing that it should only be used in certain situations. She is disciplinary and takes action without hesitation. She's a strong believer in justice and doing the right thing and will lecture a student caught doing wrong until their ear falls off.

Isamu was born sometime during the Meiji restoration in Japan in Kyoto. Born to a poor family, she was forced into prostitution in the red district at the age of 4 and was later kidnapped and sold to China. There she continued her life as a child sex slave until she was marked by a tracker. Since that day, she had never laid eyes on her family again. She did try and look for them but could never find them.

As a fledgling, she took to dreams of being a son of Erebus, no longer wanting to be protected, but wished to protect those who couldn't and vulnerable just as she was when she was younger. She worked hard despite that she was taught that the sons of Erebus were male, that she would be better suited to being a high priestess.

Learning of her fortitude, Queen Sgiach offered to train her. Isamu quickly takes the offer learns all she can from the Warrior Queen until her return to the House of Night.

Class (If Teacher)

Warriors of Night

Job (If Staff Ex: School nurse)

Warrior/Son (Daughter) of Erebus
Teaches Warrior of night

Familiar (Max 1)

Maya- An Egyptian Mau with an attitude. She is always seen around Isamu, rarely leaving her side

Death (If Red 'V' & Red Fledglings)

Not available

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Image of Isamu Nakamura
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