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Summary: A 'lone wolf'

Gawain Taylor

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Gender: Male

Age: Looks 21

Group: Teacher

Year (If Fledgling)


Gift & Description

Shapeshifter: He can transform into a large almost entirely black wolf. He gets even stronger when he is in his wolf-form. To enhance sertain senses he can also partly change shape like, get wolf ears, nose, tail ect.

He also has a broad knowledge of different spells and potions, but has focused most of his training on his shapeshifting ability.

Physical Appearance

He is quite a bit older than what he looks and behaves like, has black scruffy looking hair and deep brown eyes. He's very avrage of height and very fit.

All his clothes (the few pieces that he actually poses) is very old and worn-out because of the many years he'd spend living in the wilderness.

Personality and History

He is very laid back and is often just joking around, not that up to date with how to behave in the vampire society because he has spend the last couple of years roaming around to forests of North America in his wolf-form.

He finished school several years ago, but have since been living a very solitary life.

Class (If Teacher)

He primarily teaches "Shapeshifting" (Caines of the century) but has on a few occasions helped out in "Beast of the dark ages" and "Warriors of night".

Job (If Staff Ex: School nurse)


Familiar (Max 1)

He has an big Akita inu called Lily. She is very protective and a fearless fighter when needed.

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Image of Gawain Taylor
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