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Summary: Just because your blind does not mean I have to not be myself..

Ellie Lafreal

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Gender: Female

Age: 16

Group: Fledgling

Year (If Fledgling)


Gift & Description

Spirit- can talk to spirits, read auras and can use her own spirit as a weapon (ex: mind shield)

Physical Appearance

see pic

Personality and History

She comes from a small town in Colorado and was at a different house of night for her first year but transfered to be in a special program at the school that her old school did not have.

Her personality is hard to pin, it seems to change depending on the situation, She is very curious and keeps to herself and seems to talk to herself as if she was talking with someone else..

Class (If Teacher)


Job (If Staff Ex: School nurse)


Familiar (Max 1)

None yet

Death (If Red 'V' & Red Fledglings)


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Image of Ellie Lafreal
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