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Summary: Very kind, sweet, and charismatic, wich makes people automatically want to be around her.

Annalise Grant

Gender: Girl

Age: 17

Group: Fledgling

Year (If Fledgling)

fourth year

Gift & Description

Her gift is elemental. She can control the elements and feel them.

Physical Appearance

Bright green eyes, red hair. Clean face, long legs, very attractive.

Personality and History

Very sweet and kind. Don't be rude or else you will know your place after she is done. She isn't a bully but HSE likes to stand up for herself

Class (If Teacher)

I am not a teacher

Job (If Staff Ex: School nurse)

I am not a part of the staff

Familiar (Max 1)

I don't know what thus means

Death (If Red 'V' & Red Fledglings)

I am neither of these.

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Image of Annalise Grant
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