This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

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*No Killing other characters without permission
*No OP character or God Modding
*Please use realistic photos (no anime)
*Sexual contexts may happen but keep it classy people
*Choose one gift from one category (ex: Elemental>fire. Another Ex: Reptile>Snake (you can only have on gift, specify in your gift description )
*I will give new story plots and rank up fledglings ^^ GM status
*put N/A in the boxes that do not apply to you. Ex: If you are a student you will put N/A in Class, since you are not a teacher

Gifts (Mark color):

*Elementals - Earth (Light Green) Fire (Light Red) Water (Light Blue) Air (Yellow)
Spirit (White)

*Shapeshifters- Domestic and Wild Dogs (Grey) Birds (Gold) Reptiles (Black) Aquatic mammals (Dark Blue)Large Cats(Orange)

*Uniques- Healers(Silver) Empaths(Purple) Mind Readers (Dark Green) Clairvoyance(Rainbow)

Classes and subjects:
*Elemental Bending (Terrakinesis, pyrokinesis, Aquakinesis, Aerokinesis, Vigor manipulation )
*Shapeshifting 101 (Caines of the century, Avians: master of flight, Cold bloods of today, Deep Aquatics , Felines of royalty )
*Uniques 2.0 (Healers of society, Emotions of the world, Telepaths of tomorrow, Seers of time)
*History of vampires and vampire society
*Beast of the dark ages (Think, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them)
*Warriors of night (physical training, mandatory)

A tracker is an adult vampyre who is chosen to Mark young humans into fledglings.

When a human is meant to be Marked, a tracker becomes aware. First, their spiral labyrinth tattoo on their right palm will begin to burn and look raised, like a brand. Then they will be hit with an uncontrollable compulsion to get to the place, time, and name that gets put into their minds. It is almost impossible to ignore this urge.

The human is tracked down, and the tracker raises their finger at the human's forehead and says the incantation:

“[Person's name]! Night has chosen thee; thy death will be thy birth. Night calls to thee, hearken to her sweet voice. Your destiny awaits you at the House of Night."

They are then Marked with an unfilled crescent moon tattoo in the middle of their foreheads.

VAMPYRES:Vampyres, also known as Vamps or simply Vampires, are the signature and primary supernatural beings of the House of Night, they are fledglings that have made it through the change, they are usually older and are consider elders and teachers. It takes four years to complete the change and even after you must still work hard for a title and status in the vampire society.

*Vampyres are physically stronger than most adult humans, with accelerated reflexes, enhanced dexterity, as well as heightened senses such as night vision.

*Only Vampyres and fledglings that have Shape Shifting abilities are not destroyed by sunlight, but it is painful to them, so classes at the House of Night are held at night.

Abilities and Characteristics:

*Heightened Beauty: Their appearance, as Vampyres, become enhanced (all Vampyres at the House of Night are much more attractive than humans).

*Heightened Senses: Their senses are very keen, they can smell blood as soon as it is in the air, their sense of sight is almost as good as a cat's at night.

*Accelerated Healing: The rate of healing for a vampyre is much faster.

*Enhanced Physicality: Physical strength, reflexes, speed and stamina surpasses the norm for humans. Adult Vampyres can bench-press an excess of 1,000 lbs with moderate effort.

*Ultraviolet Sensitivity: Vampyres, whether fledglings or adults, cannot go into sunlight, as it will cause them mental pain, headaches, etc. The sun will not burn them though, as it only makes them uncomfortable. That is why the classes, at the Houses of Night, are only active during the night.

*Invisibility: Fledglings and Vampyres are also able to shroud themselves and make themselves invisible.

*Magick: Vampyres are capable of spells and Magick.


*Fledglings are marked by a crescent-shaped outline on their forehead, color depends on their gifts. When they become full-fledged vampires, this mark becomes solid and they receive more 'tattoos' which extend over their cheeks (these usually represent some personality aspect.

*If a fledgling is not in constant proximity to adult Vampyres, the fledgling will die, so they rarely leave the school.

*Older fledglings and adult vampires need to drink small quantities of human blood, but House of Night vampires do not attack humans to get it, instead they get it from blood banks.

*Older Fledglings and Vampyres may have one familiar.Their connections to their familiars are always strong and with telepathic communication.

The taking of blood is pleasurable for both human and vampire, comparable to (and better than) sex and a drug rush, and may lead to a strong emotional bond, called "Imprinting" between the two. When an imprint is broken, either through death, Imprinting of another, or mystical means, it causes major anguish between the vampire and human.

RED VAMPYRES & FLEDGLINGS: A red Vampyres is a vampire who died and was resurrected by unnatural or natural forces, A red fledgling is a fledgling who died because their body rejected the change and was resurrected.

*New Powers
They are stronger and more animalistic than normal Vampyres, Their urge for blood is more ravenous, their appearance is more corpse-like (Ex: pale skin, sunken eyes, etc)

Red Vampyres are unable to go into sunlight without burning,If a red vampyre is in the sun too long, they will burn up and die

*If a red vampyre is not invited into a home, they cannot enter

*If a red vampyre invitation into a home is rescinded, they are thrown from the home and in much pain

If a red vampyre is a shapeshifter their form still looks corps like Ex: Corpe-like wolf

During Daytime:
Red Vampyres feel more at home under the ground during sunlight and moonlight
They "sleep like the dead" when the sun is up

When they are feeding on blood their eyes will glow red,They can only feed on human blood, hard to control their hunger, it is more wild and ravenous than normal Vampyres and fledglings.

Imprinting:An Imprint is a strong mental bond formed between two people.

An imprint can be formed between humans and vampyres, vampyres and vampyres, vampyres and fledglings, and fledglings and humans.

Fledgling--Vampyre Imprinting: "As discussed in the previous chapter, due to the possibility of Imprint, fledglings are prohibited from drinking the blood of human donors, but they may experiment with each other. It has been proven that fledglings cannot Imprint one another. However, it is possible for an adult vampyre to Imprint a fledgling. This leads to emotional and physical complications once the fledgling completes the Change that are often not beneficial for either vampyre; therefore, blood drinking between fledgling and adult vampyre is strictly prohibited."

An Imprint between vampyre and human does not occur every time a vampyre feeds. Many studies have been performed to try to determine exactly why some humans Imprint and some do not, but thought there are several determining factors, such as emotional attachment, relationship between the human and the vampyre pre-Change, age, sexual orientation, and frequency of blood drinking, there is no way to predict with certainty whether a human will Imprint with a vampyre."

Sexuality and Bloodlust: "Though the frequency of need differs depending upon age, sex, and general strength of the vampyre, adults must periodically feed on human blood to remain healthy and sane. It is, therefore, logical that evolution, and our beloved Goddess, Nyx, have insured the blood drinking process is a pleasurable one, both for the vampyre and the human donor. AS we have already learned, Vampyre saliva acts as an anticoagulant for human blood. Vampyre saliva also secretes endorphins during blood drinking, which stimulate the pleasure zones of the brain, human and vampyre, and can actually stimulate orgasm."

When a vampyre or fledgling drinks from another person, it is a very intense and sexual feeling. After the imprint is formed, the two people involved in the imprint can feel each others emotions, and if the imprint is strong enough--even read their thoughts. If one person in an imprint is being physically injured, then the other could feel it.

Breaking an imprint is extremely painful for at least one of the people involved in the imprint. Here are ways an imprint can be broken:

Another imprint replaces the imprint
One of the people involved in the imprint dies
Through a series of extremely painful rituals
If the imprint isn't strong, it may fade from loss of contact

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