Spinning the Third Wheel

The spell wiped Reagan out, not physically, but mentally as she tried to absorb everything. Earth elemental, she wanted to do some reading about that, first to find out what she could do, and second to find out what to avoid doing, she didn't want a Brad Pitt type Barbie doll attacking her. She said good morning to Elvira, and to AprilnEd, the name she came up with in her head for her covenmates. Actually she started with Edpril, but then figured April would definitely want her name first, and Apred didn't have a good ring to it. It was like that book she had to read in ELA last year, with the twins Sam and Eric that kind of melted into one, Sameneric. Check it out, I learned something, and retained it.

"Hey." She said to them before parting. "Thanks. I mean, that was awesome. This is all awesome. I can't wait to see what else I can do. Any time you want to practice up on spells, let me know, I'd like to learn more of 'em. Oh, and I'll let you know if I find a skate park or anywhere we can ride rails."

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