Dragging Booty

"Hey." She said to them before parting. "Thanks. I mean, that was awesome. This is all awesome. I can't wait to see what else I can do. Any time you want to practice up on spells, let me know, I'd like to learn more of 'em. Oh, and I'll let you know if I find a skate park or anywhere we can ride rails."

April smiled at Reagan as she replied to her.

April: Yeah thanks Reagan. I look forward to skating with ya.

Ed: Thanks for hanging out with us.

Elvira: Goodnight kids you all did great. After you study a bit more and rest up we can try this again.

April: Cool. Looking forward to it.

Ed: Yeah me too.

Elvira: Alright good night kids. Get some rest.

Elvira cleaned up her office and headed to her room while April and Ed went to their rooms. April looked at her school work hoping to understand it a bit better in her room while Ed was reading up on the Basic Magic for Dummies book he got from Elvira. Elvira wanted Ed to become more familiar with the basics since he was a nerd and understood it better than April or Reagan. That morning they slept like a rock and were exhausted the next day. Apparently they were not ready for the drain magic had on their bodies when night hit. After forcing himself out of bed, Ed pounded on April's door till she dragged herself out of bed to join him. They had bags under their eyes and were a bit sluggish till they got to the dining hall and had their first bottle of blood. Surprisingly it was a lot like coffee to them as they perked up a lot and began to eat their almost raw steak. Elvira joined them later on as she seemed to be in her usual perky but snarky mood.

Elvira: I see you two are feeling a bit sluggish this morning. Magic will do that to you till you get stronger. So try not to over do it till you three are ready again.

Ed then began to ask a lot of questions he had from his bedtime readings.


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