A & E & E & R

Reagan scooted down the hall on her Heelies, skidding to a stop outside Elvira's office, not even bothering to stop for a breakfast of blood. Edpril was already there. She was excited enough that she didn't worry about putting April's name first.

"Did anything weird happen to you guys last night?" She asked, then anticipating the next remark added "besides Ed having a wet dream over Elvira or April? Sorry Ed, I just wanted to save time and make the comment myself. I mean like really weird. I wasn't contacted by a familiar, nothing like that, but come, look!" She she excitedly waved them forward. She led them down the hall and up the stairway against the grain of influxing students trying to make their way to the cafeteria to her room.

Opening the door, her room was green, not the color green, but alive. Vines from the treallis snaked their way into the room and surrounded her bedframe. The nearby tree bloomed with bright green leaves closest to her window. And the small bonsai tree she had brought near crushed her desk with the weight.

"Did anything weird like that happen? " She asked

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