Reagan scooted down the hall on her Heelies, skidding to a stop outside Elvira's office, not even bothering to stop for a breakfast of blood. Edpril was already there. She was excited enough that she didn't worry about putting April's name first.

"Did anything weird happen to you guys last night?" She asked, then anticipating the next remark added "besides Ed having a wet dream over Elvira or April? Sorry Ed, I just wanted to save time and make the comment myself. I mean like really weird. I wasn't contacted by a familiar, nothing like that, but come, look!" She she excitedly waved them forward. She led them down the hall and up the stairway against the grain of influxing students trying to make their way to the cafeteria to her room.

Opening the door, her room was green, not the color green, but alive. Vines from the treallis snaked their way into the room and surrounded her bedframe. The nearby tree bloomed with bright green leaves closest to her window. And the small bonsai tree she had brought near crushed her desk with the weight.

"Did anything weird like that happen? " She asked

April and Ed looked at the room with awe. It was amazing to see with their own eyes while Elvira nodded and smiled like she had seen it before. April did not have a similar experience in her room in fact she slept like a log till Ed woke her up. However Ed kept quiet since he was far to embarrassed to admit he in fact have a very wet dream including not just Elvira and April , but Reagan as well, though it was not quite what they were thinking of. In fact Ed had a dream all four of them were in a hot spring and surprised by a rather large water serpent that came out of the spring and talked to Ed about how to properly pick up a girl. When poor Ed awoke his whole bed was wet with water. Since there was no rational way to explain it without looking bad he merely kept it to himself.

Elvira: Not bad Reagan. Looks like your powers are connecting to you in your subconsciousness. However I do advise you learn to control them before they destroy your room.

Ed: So our powers can go out of control?

Elvira: Think of it as a hot pot boiling over. Without controlling the fire the water will boil out of control.

April: Makes sense. So we need to work on control.

Ed: From what I read it only happens when we start off to strong.

Elvira: Yes that is true, however your power is a lot like your height. Ya see when we as born we can only guess as to how tall we get before we hit the big 18. So we have to take care of our bodies in order to prevent anything to stunt our growth. Your magic is a lot like that.

Ed: I get it so Reagan had a Magic growth spurt then.

Elvira: Yeah pretty much so she may be a bit clumsy till she gets control of it.

April: So Ed and I need to get ready when it happens to us then right?

Elvira: Exactamundo. Give that girl a cookie.

April: But you already had this in mind right?

Elvira: Yeah I had a hunch at least one of you might have this happen in the first week, but not overnight. Anyway lets go back to my office and work on a spell to channel our magic into an item, like a relic so we can keep this from getting out of control.


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