Out of control. Reagan smiled, one more time looking around her room before closing the door. Her whole life up until this point had for the most part been in control. On the ice or the deck, she spent countless hours on learning to control the puck, when to keep it close, when to pass or go for the score. This was the opposite. Euphoric in a way. Slightly dangerous, I mean, there was the possibility of channeling an earthquake or getting choked by vines or what have you. Now it was going to be bottled up in a relic. She wanted to burn off a little of the exuberance first before she did.

"I just want to grab a quick bottle from the cafeteria, and I'll meet you there! " She said, pushing off on the two wheels. She weaved in and out of students down to the cafeteria line, seeing the boy she had met the night before. The dangerous one who didn't so much get along with Edpril. Edpril, it just had so much of a better ring. And it's not like they could read her thoughts to know she was putting Ed first.

"Theo." She said, sliding onto the bench next to him, facing the opposite direction. He was sitting alone, listening to music. She'd done more than her fair share of that before meeting Ed and April and Elvira, the latter of which was still mind blowing. She gave him a kiss on the cheek by way of greeting, as he had done the night before, it happening without any thought behind it.

"Just a quick question," she said, glossing over the kiss. "what's the deal, with you and Edpril," ugh, was that out loud? "April n' Ed. Frienemies? Did something bad go down? There was a ton of tension, and don't get me wrong, I love a ringside seat if there's going to be any drama or fighting, I mean, I play hockey, it's all drama and fighting on ice, but I like getting both sides. "

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