Won't tell a soul

Reagan tilted her head to the side. Why doesn't he just get his own? There had to be something. Some reason, some rational explanation. Then it dawned on her, realization striking her like falling through the ice into freezing waters.

He was poor.

That had to be it. It explains why the weirdness around Ed and April. He didn't want them to know. Back home when Molly Summers' Dad lost his job, she sometimes didn't have lunch either, but she was too proud to ask for handouts, so she just convinced everyone she was anorexic. Reagan's mom had worked with him so she knew the truth, and always packed two sandwiches, and would leave the second one for Molly. She kept that secret for years. Of course, some people figured out that Molly didn't have an eating disorder because she didn't lose a single pound, but Reagan never told a soul.

But wait, the school didn't charge for blood, did they? Regardless, he was hungry and asking might have been a big hit to his pride, he didn't need a second one by her saying no.

"Sure." She said, holding out the bottle. "I'll grab a second one. You don't have to go hungry. And don't worry. I won't say nothing to anyone. I can keep a secret. "

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