Blood shot eyes

Reagan watched with curiosity as he hungrily drank the entire bottle.

Scared? Maybe his red eyes were a little alarming, and made him look like some sort of lion eyeing an antelope, or Jenna Taysco eyeing the ice cream stand after practice, maybe he couldn't help that. Kind of like that one goalie they had with the lazy eye, and you were never really sure which to look at. And maybe he did usually kind of look literally like death warmed over, that can happen when you don't eat. One bottle of blood, he was already looking better. Different didn't mean scary, public school drilled that into everyone from an early age. Maybe that's why he sat alone, he was different.

And poor.

"Well, I'm sorry if people get weirded out around you." She said with a shrug, apologizing for her coven-mates.

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