Shane got up from her seat in the airport, not feeling well, and went into the bathroom to splash some water on her face yet again. She never got sick outside of Halloween, so this was out of character for her. 'What is up with me?' She thought to herself as she pulled her Harley Quinn fedora off. "Oh, fuck me." She growl seeing the tracker behind her in the mirror. "Come on! I suppose to go to Japan, man!" She bitch. On the bright side she had all her important stuff with her, like her game systems. "I'm driving myself." She huffed as she walked out and grabbed her stuff. She followed the tracker out and throw her stuff in her big black truck and drove to her new home. Luckily she knew where it was. "Well, Wolfsbane your lucky, you can still come with me. Your brother, though, has to stay in Japan with your other momma, because I don't think German Shepherds are allowed." Shane told her black cat, letting him out of the carrier. Wasn't long before she pulled into the school. "So what do I do know..." Shane pondered to Wolfsbane, who just meowed back at her.

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