Fitting in

"I'm interested. I mean, I guess Elvira should know, being a nurse and all." She replied, still trying to wrap her head around Elvira being a nurse in the first place. Did she go to nursing school? Was there a special vampire fledgling nursing school? Or was she not actually medically trained. Did vampires need doctors? Being a nurse made sense. If she was a nurse, she could be around blood, and then if any went missing, no one would be the wiser. Nursing was actually a pretty decent occupation for this new lifestyle.

Reagan stood and spun on the wheels of her Heelies. She felt bad for Theo, what with people being scared of his freaky red eyes, which had already gone back to normal. She was lonely when she first got to school, before meeting up with Ed and April. But she still felt out of place, sort of an awkward third wheel. It should have been balanced with Elvira, but even then, it was more like she was the extra wheel on a tricycle. It was hard not fitting in.

"But if you wanted to hang out or something later, it'd be cool. I'll be around. Hear about it first hand."

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