Breaking the Fast

"Counting on it!" Reagan called over her shoulder as she scooted out of the cafeteria. She skidded to a stop, grabbing another bottle before racing down the hall. There was something about the way he smiled. Wolf like. Dangerous. Like Cody McLeod from the Nashville Predators about to brawl Jared Boll. Who didn't like a hockey bad boy? She pictured Theo being hell on ice, he could intimidate the hell out of the other team.

She wove down the hallway, avoiding crashing onto other fledglings, until she reached the nurses office. Once there, she sat on one of the leather cots and folded the wheels back into her shoes.

"Sorry, sorry," she apologized. "Had to stop for breakfast. It's the most important meal of the day. Need energy for those magic growth spurts." She didn't want to upset April by bringing up Theo. It was hard to find skater buds.

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