Gawain was fast asleep, still gently holding on to Mei. The feeling of her movements didn't wake him, but he too started dreaming. He dreamt about that faithful night when he lost his family. It all felt so real as it was only yesterday it happend. The sight of their mangled and bloody corpses made him warm up with a sudden gasp. His entire body was shaking uncontrollably and he rolled away from Mei to avoid waking her. He was panting, as if he'd just run an marathon and sweat was dropping from his forehead. The picture of his family, lying dead on the floor of his childhood home, wouldn't leave his mind. He worked up a little a closed his eyes hard while trying to think of something else, but it didn't work.


As he got hold of her ankle he looked at her with a triumphantly smile. Then before he had time to do anything he was hit right in the face by a pillow. He wasn't prepared for this sudden "attack", but quickly decided to play along with it.

He let go of her and moved a little away from her, while completely avoiding eye contact with her. "You didn't have to be so mean..." He said, almost in a childish way, pretending to be hurt.

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