Second Years Recap

Ed woke up to his phone alarm going off.

Alarm Song

Nagi was of course coiled around Ed since he was warm and she got to cold sleeping alone. She was very attached to Ed since they had been together over nine months now since summer was over. He tried to get up but Nagi was coiling him to tightly. Since he could not speak very easily he used telepathy to talk to her.

Ed: NAGI!!!! I can't breath!

Nagi: warm........ssssssssssss

Ed: Nagi give me a break will ya?

Nagi: Huh? Five more minutesssssssssssssssssssssssss.

Ed: That's my line! Come on and wake up already! We need to get up for class.

Nagi: But your sssssssssssssso warm Ed.

Ed: Gimmie a break Nagi. Your gonna break me in half.

Nagi: But like it rough Ed.

Ed: Stop messing with me Nagi and help me get dressed.

Nagi: Sssssssssssssspoiled Sssssssssssssssport.

Ed: Ah come on its the first day of school and I don't want to be late. Besides I'm hungry.

Nagi: Very well.

Nagi then uncoiled as Ed got free and began washing off in the shower with Nagi who loved water. After washing her scales they dried off and Ed got dressed. He checked his email to see how his stocks were doing and made a few adjustments to them. He smiled as he looked at his portfolio which was now well past the million dollar mark. He chuckled as he checked his bank account which was just over a million now after transferring his profits from selling some stocks. He then transferred some money to Elvira's account as per their agreement. She provided the accounts and he made the money in return he paid her for her troubles. This worked out for both of them since Ed was very smart to begin with. Elvira told Ed it would be best to get rich as fast as possible since they would be alive a long time and getting a normal job would be difficult for them. Once he was done he stretched and let Nagi coil up around him like a scarf before he grabbed his book bag and headed out to wake up April.

As usual April was out like a light still wearing her clothes from yesterday. She had bad sleeping habits and her room was a mess compared to his tidy room. After picking up a few things to keep from tripping he approached her and shook her knowing it would not be enough. Then he sighed as he used his water magic dribble water on her forehead to wake her up. April of course woke up in a mood again with terrible bed head. She was about to get violent till she saw it was Ed by her.

Ed: Morning sleeping beauty.

April: mumble mumble......wha...ever.

Ed: You really need to take care of yourself and your place a bit more April.

April: Can it Ed. Its too early for that. Help me get ready.

Ed: Really? Don't you have any shame?

April: Nope.....Besides your my pet so stop whining and get to work.

Ed turned red as he found it embarrassing to submit to April's demands. Since last summer she has been making him do a lot of embarrassing things. Since she is a heavy sleeper she insisted on him waking her up and bathe her using his water magic. At the beginning it was very embarrassing for him, but after three months he was actually getting used to it....somewhat. He still had the hots for her as well as Elvira and was on edge when they teased him by accident or on purpose. Reagan was the only one who didn't tease him much so he could relax more around her.

After getting April ready they left to get breakfast in the dining hall. After grabbing some food and blood they sat in their usual spot and enjoyed a conversation about starting a new year. During the summer they worked on magic in the coven but unlike Ed who was a prodigy, April and Reagan were moving at a much slower pace. Sabine of course was still difficult to deal with since she preferred to be the center of attention but was not foolish enough to challenge April or Ed since it would complicate things. Oddly enough Theo seemed to back off the whole summer which was a relief. Ed figured Jinxy kept him out of trouble which was a good thing.

After breakfast Ed, April and Reagan went to class as they waved to Elvira. Class was a bit different this time as they were learning more higher level things and they were exploring more terms on magic they didn't know about as first years. Ed didn't have a hard time with the new info as he read up on it during the summer time so he took notes on his laptop for April and Reagan to use later on. Though April didn't say anything like thank you, she did insist Ed be near her for unknown reasons. After skating in the courtyard with Reagan she insisted Ed rub her feet with water magic before bed time. This became a ritual all summer long as they got used to it. Of course Elvira got a bit jealous and insisted on a foot rub as well. Poor Ed found it hard not to peek up Elvira's dress while rubbing her feet with his water magic since April was watching him like a hawk. Of course Elvira teased poor Ed by telling him he looked cute when bullied by girls.

After the morning classes were done they all headed to the lunch room for a short break.


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