Moving On

As time passed Ed was getting a bit more confident in his ways as he enjoying the feeling of being strong and smart. Of course April made it a point to keep him from getting a big ego as she bullied him a bit. She still made him carry her books and help her and Reagan with his notes and tutoring sessions. After classes they would spend coven time with Elvira who was their guide. They had established their coven last year as "Gaia's Misfits" and were making a name for themselves as they managed to recruit a few more freshmen who didn't fit in. With five new members they were well on their way to making a strong coven like the Dark Daughters and Dark Brothers, only without the holier than though attitude.

Ed and Elvira aided the others in proper form and focus techniques so they could discover their element even if it was weak. Often they would welcome Tilliama to have lunch with them and the coven as they talked about their schedule and some school gossip. It was a bit new for Ed, April and Reagan to see Tilli as a teacher, but since they were on good terms with her they didn't worry to much. Since they were a few months into the school year they planned to make the best of it. Of course as time went on Reagan tended to hang out more with the new recruits more since one of them was a hockey fan like her. So that left Jack and April alone a lot as she made him spoil her with foot rubs.

Ed: Don't you ever get tired of me taking care of you April?

April was on his bed lying down on her back and reading her I-Pad that Ed got her. She was looking at some sights on the internet as Ed rubbed her feet.

April: Nope. You're my slave Ed and its your job.

Ed: What if I refuse? I'm way stronger than you are now. (sly smirk)

April: That may be so but if you refuse me I won't let you have me after graduation.

Ed: Stop teasing me April. You and Elvira like to take it to far, you know that?

April: Okay Ed this is just between us and if you spill you die.

Ed: Okay I'm listening.

Ed was now curious as he still rubbed her feet. April's expression seemed a bit off as she was a bit red in the cheeks.

April: Elvira and I have been talking and if you can stay faithful and continue to pamper us...........we are fine with sharing you.

Ed was a bit shocked by April's words as his jaw dropped.

Ed: As in a harem?

April rolled her eyes up and sighed.

April: Yes a harem..........but you can't bring in other women without our permission. We will cut you off Ed.............literally.

Ed: Is it because I am strong or rich?

April: Ed you are a good guy and that is why I made you my property in the first place. That on top of you being smart and strong only makes me want to tighten my ownership on you more. Elvira feels the same way, but the age different is a problem till we graduate. I know its a lot to ask since everything is coming to you so easily but if you can stay faithful to us and promise to stay with us we agreed to become your wives.

Ed: Wait are you both serious? I can have both of you at the same time?

April: See this is why I didn't say anything before. You will just get all perverted and handsy now.

Ed: Oh no....I will be good I promise.

April: Good. Now I know I let you have a lot of privileges so far seeing me naked and bathing me, but we aren't going to do anything I am not ready for got it?

Ed: You plan to torture me more?

April: No..........I just want to take the love stuff slow okay. Keep in mind I had a crappy past and love is a new thing for me. So this is a big step for me.

Ed continued to rub her feet as he nodded seeing her being very serious with him.

Ed: Its okay April. I get it. I'll let you take the lead and if I have a problem I'll let you know since we need to be honest if we are going to be together right?

April: Yeah..........but if you cheat on me I will castrate you Ed.

Ed: So why is it okay with Elvira?

April: Cause I like women too and she does it for me. That and she likes you too.

Ed was shocked as he looked at April and didn't know what to say.

April: If you say something stupid I'll hit you.

Ed: I just realized we have been together for a year and I know so little about you.

April: Well that's a good thing. I means you have to wait to learn more then. Does it bother you that I go both ways?

Ed: Oh heck no................I just hope I can not mess up when we actually go all the way.

April: Relax Eddy. We will teach you all about that so all you need to do is get stronger, richer and above all stay faithful.

Ed: So do I keep this from Elvira?

April: Yes. I will tell her when I am ready so this discussion will not be brought up again till you graduate okay?

Ed: What conversation? (grinning)

April: always were a smart one. So you will continue to be my pet in public and in time if the mood strikes we will become a couple but only at my pace. I think I will be able to open up to you more in the next three years so you need to be patient okay?

Ed: Sure April. But on the same note you still need to keep up with your studies.

April: I know, but I still hate tests.

Ed: Don't worry I'll get you and the others through it. We have a reputation to uphold for our coven remember?

April: Yeah you are right. The last thing we need is the Dark Daughters coming at us. Since we only take the rejected kids they have no reason to bug us, but if they do its your job to send them packing. My Evil Ed is not someone to cross.

Ed: Don't sweat it April, I'll work on some new spells.

April: I also want you to work on your muscles as well. You need to be healthy to handle your magic and your two future wives.

Ed: I am not sure if I should be scared or excited by that comment.

April: Probably both Ed.


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