"No..." he answered in a faint voice. The sickening feeling wouldn't leave him no matter how hard he tried to let it go. He felt dizzy as he sat up in the bed, but didn't let it show in case she were watching. "But don't worry. Just go back to sleep. I should proably get back to my room before anyone notice us together..." he sort of mumbled in a low voice. It certainly would be a disaster if they were seen in bed together and he didn't want to ruin her sleep because of his nightmares.

Slowly he got up and started to walk towards the door, but only managed to take a few steps before he collapsed on the floor. He tried hard to stay quiet despite of the pain in case she was still sleeping, since he'd already caused her enough trouble.


"Of course not, because.." as he said so his sulking face turned into a grin "I always win.". The moment he said this he jumped at her once again, but this time he managed to get hold of her arm and kissed her teasingly on the cheek. "You see? I've got you now.".

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