Remorse/An idea

Gawain slowly got up into a sitting position, but kept his head down. By clenching his hands he tried to hide how he still was shaking after the dream.

"It.. It was just a bad dream... Please just.. go back to bed." he tried to say in a calming voice, but couldn't hide the fact that he was still gasping for air.
Having said this he slowly got back to his feet which only made the sickening feeling worse. He leaned close to her and kissed her on the cheek, trying to escape the past by thinking of her and said "I'll see you tomorrow, right?". He said it with a small, but sincere smile without making eye contact with her before turning around and move towards the door again.


He smiled teasingly and looked at her "Whatever you say, sweetie.".

Then he got an idea. "Speaking of something else; do you by any chance know a girl here at the school called Reagan?". He really hoped she did because she would certainly have a much better chance at getting Reagan's bracelet than he would and then he would be able to trade it to the daughters of darkness to make them remove his collar. It was a brilliant plan. Why hadn't he thought of this earlier?

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