Feeling sick/Cheering up

"I know. Thank you." He said in a very sincere voice as he stopped just before opening the door. It wasn't because he didn't trust her enough, for from it, but right now it was simply too painful for him to talk about it.

Before leaving he looked at her with a small smile, trying to comfort her while at the same time hiding his pain. Then he left just praying that he wouldn't run into anyone on his way back to his own room.

When he finally reached his room he felt almost even sicker than before. Quickly he took the clothes off, only keeping his underpants on, and threw it into the bin. He couldn't stand looking at that clothes anymore, as it kept reminding him of the people he had killed to get it.

Having done this he simply collapsed on the bed. He was still shaking and sweating as if he had a fever, even though that wasn't possible. Before long he almost just passed out, reliving him for the nausea and painful memories at least for the moment.


Theo was a bit disappointed, but only a little. He looked at her with a small smile "No reason.".

It was impossible for him not notice how sad she suddenly seemed at his question. Not being good at all this feeling-stuff he tried to cheer her up in his own fashion. "Hey, there's no need to be sad, sweetie." He said with a sligthly teasing smile and kissed her on the cheek.

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