Mei knew she had to get up and run errands, it was the weekend so there was no actual school or classes right now but she still had jobs to do. With a sigh she took a shower and got dressed and headed out, she tried not to think about Gawain and focus on her task but he kept invading her mind, as she tended one of the rose gardens she got distracted by thoughts of him and cut her self on one of the thorns, luckily no one was around and she just put the finger in her mouth and stopped the bleeding, she sighed and stopped for a moment, wondering how he was doing.
Elle chuckled and rolled her eyes "thanks but Im fine " she said knowing he was uncomfortable "look I know things have changed between us since we met....but I want you to know there is no pressure....I mean I like you theo...a lot.."s he said looking shy for a moment "but I dont want to push you into anything you dont want so....just let me know when you know what you want ok" she said standing up. She honestly was not trying to get her hopes up, Theo was very complicated and she knew he had yet to actually let her in, but still there was a part of her that hoped for something for them, something meaningful

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