Sorrow/Keep it simple

Gawain was lucky that it was weekend so he didn't have yo do any teaching the next couple of days.

For what seemed seemed like hours he was drifting in and out of consciousness, constantly being tormented by the same memory over and over again. It was unbearable, but there was no way of escaping it. His only comfort was that Mei wasn't here to see him like this, since she was the last one he wanted to hurt.


"What do you mean?" he said still smiling, but a little confused at her words and the fact that she moved away from him. He stayed sitting on the bed, looking at her "I just want to be with you.". That really was all he wanted, to keep it as simple as that and just be allowed to enjoy the time together with her. His life was complicated enough in many ways, but when he was together with her he didn't have to think of all that and were able to just have fun.

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