Mei finally was able to finish her task with the gardens but with a sigh she moved onto her next job which was tending to the animals, she loved the animals but she was so tired that she just wasted to rest, when she got there she saw there was no one there and smiled as she went over to one of her favorite horses. A black stallion name Onyx "hey boy" she said petting his long mane " mind if I rest with you" she said and climbed on his back, she leaned forward and rested her head on his strong next and let the sound of his strong heart beat sooth her
Elle turned back towards him with a smile "simple enough" she said softly "so is there anything you wanted? or wanted to do?" she Asked with a soft smile, her bright blue eyes looked at him in a way he was not use to, there was no fear or hatred but kindness and something else he could not idenify

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