Mei chuckled "as much as I miss the sun I dont want this to be a habit" she said trying to hide her worry for Gawain "go look after him...I cant move anyways...dont tell him huh I dont want him to think Im a total idiot" she said sounding embarrassed "Oh! if you go in the garden I just planted fresh Elderberries, if his stomach is upset tell him to eat them while he is drinking a blood packet, the help with blood flow and other things" she said softly "they are next to my pair of gloves....they should also help him sleep better if he is having trouble" she said curling up more in the corner
Ellie moaned softly against his lips and ran her fingers into his hair, she broke the kiss and started kissing his neck softly "this is not what showers are meant for you know" she said teasingly against his skin, letting her fangs gentle tease the area she was kissing.

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