Lily didn't want to argue against her, though she wasn't too keen on leaving Mei here alone. "I promise. I won't say a thing." She said in a kind voice "And thanks. I'll get him some of those berries. Just stay safe and stay in here. I'll be back just before sunset.". With that she quickly left, still worried about having left Gawain alone, but now she also worried about Meis safety. Before heading inside she went by to get a branch of the elderberrys.

Then she went back inside and into Gawains room. He appeared to be sleeping soundly and she sneaked up on the bed again and laid down by his side.


He send her a teasing smile back "If you wanted a regular shower then you shouldn't have invited me to join you.".

The feeling of her fangs brushing against his skin send shivers of arousement down his spine. In one way he almost wanted her to bite him, but it still felt so unnaturally to him since he usually always were the one who bit others.

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