Mei stayed covered up and tried to fight the pain of the burn but it was really starting to hurt. she uncovered her arm but kept it in the shade, hoping the breeze on the skin would help, for a few minutes it did, the breeze stung but made it bearable, suddenly Onyx shifted and a patch of sun hit her already burnt arm, She cried out in pain as the burn worsened and drew her now severely burnt arm back under the cover, tears fell down her face and she started rocking against the pain.
Elle felt the change and moved his body so he was up against the shower wall "I want you to feel pleasure from my bite Theo...." she said meeting his eyes as she started to kiss down his chest and to his stomach, she knew he was watching, when she got to his hips her fangs grazed them intensely but did not break the skin, slowly she started to kiss her way back up and when she got to his lips she gave him a deep passionate teasing kiss and then took a small step back.
She took his left wrist and brought it to her lips, looking him in the eyes as she did so, she kissed the inside of his wrist over his pulse, making him watch how she teased his skin with her tongue, how her fangs grazed the delicate skin making it even more sensitive "tell me what you want Theo" she said in a seductive soft tone

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