The rest of the day Gawain was sleeping, but seemed quite uncomfterble and kept moving around nonetheless. Lily tried to calm him down by making sure he kept the blanket on and by staying close to him, but nothing seemed to be working.

Just before the sun was about to set she sneaked out once more and rushed to the stables to check on Mei. She hurried towards the thick blanket and asked with worrie "The sun is going down now. How are you feeling?".


Theo was almost left speechless with the anticipated pleasure though she was only teasing him. He watched her closely, secretly wishing for her to do so many things that he would never ask her to do. "I.. I don't know." for once he felt like a complete idiot and couldn't even stop himself from stammering. All the excitement made his eyes glow bright red and he could barely hold himself back. Faster than any human would be able to move he quickly grabbed her and pinned her to the wall a bit rough and kissed her intensely, almost piecing her lips with his fangs.

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