Mei barely could hear Lily's voice, all day the sun and not being able to eat had gotten to her, she had become so tired around noon and the pain from her arm had gotten so bad she drifted in and out of consciousness all day. Only to wake up when the sun hit her again because she moved in her sleep and the sun shifted and moved through out the day. Now besides her arm both of her legs had small burn mark on them, though the arm was still the worst wound the extra pain did not help "Im...fine" she said in a weak tired tone "hows Gawain?" she asked quickly after, still keeping the cover on so lily did not see the burns.
Ellie gasped against his lips but did not fight him, she arched her back making her chest press more into his as she nipped his lip breaking the skin then quickly teasing it with her tongue, She could tell there was something wild in him, that there were things he wanted that he was holding back from Theo...dont hide from can be yourself she said in his head

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