Lily looked at Mei with a pained expression though she couldn't see her through the blanket "Mei, please don't act like this. As I said Gawain is sleeping, but you need help right now. I can't leave you like this. And it won't look strange if I help you. Gawain is a teacher and here to help students, as am I.". She truly had no intention of leaving Mei like this, because she knew she was proably hurt.


When her and his blood was mixed the taste just made it impossible for him to resist anymore. He grabbed her even harder around her wrists and in his eagerness bit her a little harder than intended in her upper lip. Greedily he sucked the blood streaming from her lip, but it simply wasn't enough. Almost without any hesitation he moved down to her neck, but here he held back a little. He could feel that if he were to bite her in the neck right now it wouldn't end well so he quickly moved a bit further down to the upper part of her right breast where he punctured the skin with his fangs. Despite his urges he was still holding back, fighting not to bit too hard and rip her apart.

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