Mei chuckled " have no idea how much he loves you....he was so upset that he disappointed you, he honestly thought you were never coming back and it killed in a lot of pain and the only comfort I might get is knowing that when he wakes up and he sees you there he will be happy...please lily" she said in a soft tone and she meant every word, she didnt believe she even meant anywhere close to what lily meant to Gawain and that was ok, she was happy to just know he was happy and lily made him happy.
Once her wrist were free her hands started traveling down his body, giving him new sensations everywhere they went, her nails teased his hip, even her arms brushing his waist sent shivers up his spine Balance Theo...thats the key..turning that primal rage you have into something more....feel your other desires theo..the desire to touch me...kiss me feel my hands on you...focus on them...make them mix with the hunger you feel until it balances can touch me Theo without pain...take advantage of that

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