Now Lily got really stubborn "No, you can't get back on your own and Gawain would never forgive me if I left you here.". "Besides the only way I can help him right now is to bring you back to safety, even if I have to drag you on that blanket all the way." she weren't going to leave her no matter what she said. Mei herself clearly had no idea of how much she meant to Gawain, despite of all they both had done to each other and now Lily had almost had enough of it.


To Theo the hunger and the pleasure were two entirely different things, but both were equally intense. The feelings were alnost tearing him apart. Very reluctantly he finally let go of her, stepped back and turned away from her. "Don't make me do this..." he said in a low, almost threatening voice, only to keep her from getting hurt.

Then he stepped out of the shower while grabbing a towel and wrapped around his waist. His eyes were still red and both the smell and taste of her blood was still fresh, tempting him to turnaround for more.

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