Mei sighed "ok lily....when the sun goes down...we will go" she said in a voice of defeat, she tried to mental prepare herself for the pain, knowing the sun would go down in just a few minutes "we cant be seen...." she said knowing if she was caught they would know she was neglected her duties
Ellie felt like he had punched her in her stomach "Theo ...I...Im sorry...I can help I really can....I can help your hunger but....only if you let me because I can only do so if.....well you see....I would have to....show you something" she said in a soft yet desperate tone "look there is a reason you can touch me and it doesn't activate the collar......I....never mind" she said in a defeated tone. She sat down in the shower and brought her knees to her chest and turned her back to him so she didnt have to watch him leave if he still did but she hoped he would stay

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