Night finally arrived and Mei sighed "Ok but...lets keep the blanket on...we can sneak through the garden and there is a way to get to my building that way" she said softly. She knew Gawain's room was a lot closer but she sis not want him to see her like this.
She sighed and stood up but kept her back to him "please let me explain before I show you....My affinity is spirit....I can talk to them...call them..even interact with them...about a year ago and my old school there was a fire.....I was trapped inside after I helped my roommate out....I thought I was done for..." she said unmoving from the spot she was in "but them...one of the fladlings who had already past in the fire came to me, offered to help and I accepted but I did a forbidden ritual I had learned about...it was called soul binding... I was to weak to move from the fire, I was slowly dying I needed help..the pain...the smell of my own flesh burning..." he would see her shiver slightly "Anyways I did the spell and as a result of me not knowing how to do such a spell things went wrong..."when she finally turned to look at him one of her eyes was red , matching his and the other her normal blue, she looked scared and sad "I got stuck in between...the fledgling was a red....Luckily I was able to hide this from everyone...you have been the only one I have told...if anyone were to find out...the cost for using forbidden magic is death Theo..." she said looking away from him "I think the reason I don't affect your collar is because of this....but it also means I know your struggle...I feel that hunger...I cant even go to the teachers to help train me about it like you can...I have been suffering so much...I had to learn to deal with it while hiding it.....Ive risked my life telling you this Theo....." she said in a low tone still not looking at him "please.....dont tell anyone" she said in a soft yet scared tone, she looked honestly scared as she stood there naked and shivering, she was hugging herself and looking away from him

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