Where to go/Pain

Lily nods sligthly "Allright. So, do you want to go to your own room or Gawains room?". She knew Gawains room were closest, but she wanted to let Mei make the choice.


Theo let out a sigh and looked away from her, hurt by her words "... I'm sorry you think I'd be able to do such a horrible thing... Especially when having heard me telling you how much you mean to me so many times before...". He turned away from her because it would be too painful to look at her. He had said it over and over again in so many way, but for som reason she still didn't trust him? It didn't make any sense to him and it was had to be confronted with so many times.

As he turned away his eyes slowly returned to their normal colour. Despite her words he almost felt more alone than ever. She didn't trust him and furthermore she still believed that that had been through the same things. If only she knew the truth, but right now he didn't feel like bringing it up since it would only lead to a kind of competition of who have had the worst past.

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