Help/ Confess

Mei sighed "My room.." she said trying to prepare to stand, she shifted awkwardly trying to find a way to stand without revealing her arm our brushing her legs against anything "lily....can I lean on you to try and stand?" she asked softly "Im so tired lily..." she said in a weak tone
"Theo wait" she said and grabbed his arm "I told you because I trust you...I dont think you would tell anyone I just Im scared ok....Im so scared Theo...I dont want to die...." tears formed in her eyes "look the whole reason I told you is because I found ways to deal with the hunger....and I care about you Theo and I dont want you to struggle so much I want you to be deserve to be happy" she said and slowly started to release his arm "im trapped mistake is all it will take and they will telling you...I put my life in your hands...does that not say anything to you?" she said looking down

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