Ready to go/Honesty

"Of course you can." Lily kindly replied. She stood up and placed herself so that Mei would be able to support herself to her, just waiting for her to let her know when she was ready to leave.


At this moment it just became too much for Theo to keep quiet anymore. "And you think your the only one risking anything? If you want to know then I'm not allowed to leave my room unless I'm on my way to class otherwise, guess what? The teachers will execute me." his voice was now more could and though he had not wanted to share this with her he just couldn't hide it anymore "The teachers around here aren't as nice as you like to think. They have never helped me in any way, only made my life here more miserable. So please don't pretend to know we're the same and have been through the same things.". Though his words was harsh it wasn't because he was truly angry with her and he turned around to face her "But you know what? I don't care. I just wished you would stop making everything seem so much more complicated or pitty me in all your different ways.".

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