Mei used her good arm to lean on lily to help get her in a standing position, the whole time making sure to hide her bad arm, She whimpered and shook once she was on her feet, the pain was almost unbearable just to stand "Ok.." she said leaning against the stable wall "lets go..." she said trying to hide the pain from her voice, though when she took a step forward she cried out and almost feel forward, but used her good hand to grab on to some reins that were on the wall to help keep her up "ok...maybe we are going to need some help..." she said looking around "um lily....how opposed would you be to a leash?" she said looking at the food wagon and then back at the rein she was holding onto

She step back like he had slapped her "I have never felt pity for you Theo....." she said in a hurt tone "I wanted to help because I care...." she said looking away from him "because I want you to be happy....." she said in a more softer and sadder tone "your right we are not the same......Im sorry if I upset you...I just wanted to help...I......I.....cant believe you are so stubborn!" she said completely changing her tone, her head snapped up to look at him and both her eyes were red "The only one taking pity on you is yourself! you wont let anyone near you! and when someone finally does get close you still act like this! I just wanted to help because I care the second I bump into I started to like you!" she yelled her fangs enlarged in her mouth. She walked forward and pushed him up against the wall roughly " Get this through your head I do not pity you I have never pitied you and if you think for one second you Im trying to sit here and argue who lifes worse your wrong! your right we are different but that does mean I cant understand your pain Theo! and screw you for trying to make it seem like everything I have done was out of pity! for fuck sakes I wouldn't give my virginity out of pity! or trust you to feed from me! or any of the things I have done!now if you have any more problems with me now is the time to say them" she said slamming the fist into the wall by his head, her eyes blazing red, her breathing quick.

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