Waggon/ Bye

Mei gestured to the empty wagon "the leash is just to help you pull it doesn't have to go on you, you can bite it if you want...just think of it as your a cute fluffy pony" she said jokingly "Ill hang on to one end and you pull the other...like a horse pulling a slay "she said so she would know what she was trying to do. The wagon was small and light so it shouldn't be hard for lily since she was strong. though being pulled around in a wagon in not being very sneaky but what choice did they have, the only other choice was for her to be carried and liliy couldn't do that and there was no way she was going to let Gawain see her like this so the wagon it was. She would rather be punished for being caught then let him see her like this.
Ellies eyes slowly turned back to her normal blue and she stepped back, her face unreadable but her eyes held sadness and something else, without saying anything she opened the bathroom door for him with her bloody and bruised hand from hitting the wall and looked away "bye Theo..." she said in a low weak like tone

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