Mei sighed not ready for the pain she knew was about to insue "Ok bring the wagoon over..." she said in a soft tone, trying to hide her fear from lily, she decided to try and distract herself "So.....when did you and Gawain find each other..." she said in a voice laced with discomfort from the pain.
Once he was gone Elle got dressed, the whole time she tried not to think about what just happened. Had she made a mistake by telling him? did he hate her now? question after question flowed in her mind. She groaned at herself, she decided she needed a distraction and left the room, making sure she waited long enough were she would not have a chance to bump into him. She decided to go to her favorite spot in the garden, only when she did she found someone was already there. It was a male that she had never seen before, with short brushed back jet black hair and green eyes, He was sitting there drawing something which she found funny since she had her sketch book in her hand "it seems Im not the only one to draw here" she said softly. He looked up at her and smiled, he had the kind of smile and face that could stop traffic though Ellie felt nothing that a normal girl would feel seeing such a good looking man, instead she felt just the sadness that was still fresh about what happen between her and Theo "many people dont appreciate this place like they should, its nice to see im not the only one" he said calmly "Did they bring in the new flowers yet?" she asked looking around and answering her own question when she saw them "yeah...did you want to sit?" he asked gesturing next to him "sure.." she said softly, though she sat down on the ground in front of the bench and used the bench as a back rest while he remained sitting on the bench "whats your name?" he asked while she pulled out her pencils to start drawing "Ellie....you?" she asked as she got in to a position to start drawing "Erik" he replied.

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