Lily went over and pushed the wagon towards Mei. She was really worried since she was obviously in pain, but at the same time she clearly didn't want to talk about it.

With a small sigh she started to explane "Well... At first I actually thought of never conning back, but.. I kept worrying about him.. about the both of you... So, I went back to his room where I found him.". She looked a little away, unsure if she should tell this next part, but decided that on the long term it might be best if she did so, then looked at Mei once more "While I was away I also met one of his old friends familiars so now he knows that Gawain is in the area and is proably going to seek him out.". This worried Lily quite a lot, that guy had had such a bad influence on Gawain and might end up messing things up even worse than they already were.


Theo, though he didn't put any effort into hiding, managed to get back to his room without getting noticed by anyone and went straigth for the shower.

After that and getting dressed he just threw himself onto the bed with a deep sigh. Now everything was back to square one and he'd ruined it all between him and the only one that actually had seemed to care about him. Why did things like this keep happening to him? First Jinxy stopped visiting without notice and now this. At least it couldn't get any worse now...

He tried to think of something else by putting his headphones on and turned up for his music.

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